Mulit-Touch Display

Signage and display in public spaces such as hotels, schools, malls and airports serve may needs.  By offering directions, advertising, and concierge services, public space signage is an important tool to interact with your customers.

 Until now, this signage has been passive and usually static, quickly fading into the background and going unnoticed for the majority of your customers.  Any interactivity typically has been through live personnel which increase costs with inefficient results.

 C3 Integrated Solutions is working with forward thinking executives to develop ways to offer more to their customers while driving revenue through interactive advertising and increased usage of their in-house services.   Together, we are driving adoption of advanced displays with multi-touch screen technology.  With rich media features, geospatial mapping and custom user experiences we can draw your customers in to interact with you.  Once engaged, you have the ability to increase awareness of your products, drive sales and increase advertising revenue.

 To learn more about how we can help you develop customized, interactive displays for your business, please contact us.