Managed Video

C3 Integrated Solutions is on the leading edge of exciting changes in remote facility management. With our partner, Envysion, and their Managed Video As A Service (MVAAS), we are leading the way in changing the way retail, hospitality, and food service industries are managing their operations. Our solution will allow you the ability to view multiple locations in real time simultaneously, capture video clips, and manage locations across the country from any location that has an online connection.

However, what differentiates this from other surveillance systems is the ability to integrate directly into the point of sale system. With the first PCI compliant video surveillance system, we can link financial transactions directly to the video of that event. This creates a powerful tool to manage loss prevention, evaluate marketing campaigns, and ensure quality control in the operation.

To learn more about how C3 Integrated Solutions can help you deploy a MVAAS solution, please contact us.