Getting Started

If you your organization spends more than $250,000 per year on IT services, we can help save you money by reducing your expenses, managing your network, and providing more visibility to the services that you have. 

 To get started, we will schedule a meeting to review your recent invoices for the following services that you will wish to focus on:

  • Telecommunications Expenses
    • Voice   (local, long distance, international)
    • Cellular
    • Data (MPLS, internet, private line)
    • Conferencing
  • IT Expenses
    • Server Support (hosted providers, system administration, back-up services)
    • Equipment (maintenance contracts)
    • Labor (contracted personnel, outsourced IT functions)

Together, we will review these services and identify areas for cost savings and management based on our Network Life Cycle Management program.  To schedule a meeting with a C3 Integrated Solutions representative, please contact us.