Video Services

tvhotelroom Every hotel across the nation is upgrading their free to guest video systems to High Definition Television (HDTV).  To implement successfully, the televisions, headend, cable infrastructure, and programming all need to be assessed and upgraded as necessary.  In many cases, each of these components is sourced by different vendors creating a confusing and disjointed environment for the hotel or property management group. 

C3 Integrated Solutions’ unique combination of experience with video systems, networks, and the hospitality industry will deliver you an integrated, complete solution.


Choosing the right television is the first step in delivering HDTV to the property.  Most major manufacturers offer hospitality grade televisions, but that is only the start.  In addition, owners must also realize that in many cases the encryption card is sold separately, adding costs that may not be budgeted.  Installing and programming televisions once they are purchased can be a time consuming process further stressing already overloaded staffs.  However, qualified teams can be outsourced to unload, stage, and install televisions throughout the property.  C3 Integrated Solutions offers all of the major brands as well as installation services for your hotel.

Colored communications cableHeadend Equipment

With satellite and IPTV providers, the configuration of the headend determines the number of HD and standard definition (SD) channels in the lineup.  Providers today are offering scalable, cost effective headends that satisfy today’s needs and provide a road map to add channels tomorrow.  C3 Integrated Solutions can help you source the right headend solution for your capacity requirements at the most competitive price in the market.

Cable Infrastructure

Your cable infrastructure will drive the options for video services.  HDTV Free To Guest services require RJ-6 coax infrastructure.  Alternatively, IPTV solutions and most video on demand (VOD) solutions now also require a CAT-5 or CAT-6 connection to the television. 

When upgrading your system to HDTV, it is important to assess the condition of your cable infrastructure.  C3 Integrated Solutions will assist you with assessing, designing and upgrading your cable infrastructure to deliver the level of service you desire. 

Free To Guest Programming

remoteThrough our preferred partnerships with satellite and cable providers, C3 Integrated Solutions offers the best programming solutions in the industry.  Combined with the capabilities of your infrastructure and the televisions you choose, we will work with you and your budget to develop the right mix of HD and Standard Definition (SD) programming for your property. 

Based on the capacity of the equipment you choose, we can develop a channel line-up that meets your brand standards, while delivering the most content for your budget. 

Video On Demand

There is a tremendous amount of change in the Video On Demand (VOD) market today.  Shifting viewing habits have resulted in similar shifts in revenue potential.  Complicating matters, many VOD providers require a CAT-5 connection to operate, This can either limit the options or add more costs to upgrade the cable infrastructure.  All of these factors have led some major brands to release their properties from the mandate to even carry VOD for some of their properties.

However, in many cases, VOD is more than just movies.  VOD providers also offer enhanced services like video checkout and room service.  These enhanced services have a value to the hotel operator and add to the guest experience.  Finally, the promise of IPTV offers even more enhanced features as well as potential new revenue streams for the hotel.

C3 Integrated Solutions will work with you to review your requirements and capabilities in order to develop the right plan based on your goals.


Even as hotels are upgrading to High Definition Television (HDTV), the next generation of entertainment services is becoming available.  Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) offers the opportunity to deliver free to guest as well as on-demand video over the Data Network.  DirecTV has offiicially launched their IPTV headend enabling free to guest video to be delviered over your data network.

However, IPTV will not be about delivering video as you know it.  IPTV will also unleash a new wave of services and opportunities that will enrich the guest experience and drive new revenue opportunites.  Customized property and event content, room service ordering, and even transactions will open new and creative ways to inform and entertain your guests.  Additionally, reservation systems and online advertising will create new revenue opportunites for operators.

C3 Integrated Solutions is on the forefront of the next wave of IPTV working and collaborating with vendors in an effort to make sure the latest technologies are offered to our customers.

To learn more about how C3 Integrated Solutions can help you with your video needs, please contact us.