High Speed Internet

www conceptHigh Speed Internet Access (HSIA) is a mandatory requirement for both business and leisure travelers.  The importance of HSIA grows every day and creates opportunities for hotels to differentiate themselves with high quality service and enhanced guest experiences.  Updated hotels offer high capacity services to their guests and leverage this investment to drive additional efficiencies in their operations.  Full service properties are also developing models to tier service levels to drive revenue and further enhance this offering. 

HSIA services are delivered through the combination of the data network, bandwidth and the advanced applications that truly differentiate your property.  C3 Integrated Solutions offers a complete solution that will integrate all of these components and help you realize the most from your investment.

Data Network

The capacity of your data network is driven by your infrastructure and the equipment that is installed. While most high speed data networks are delivered over CAT-5 networks, many older properties are delivering high capacity networks using existing twisted pair and coax networks.  To realize the potential of your data network, you need to ensure that your infrastructure is capable of delivering high capacity wired and wireless services.   C3 Integrated Solutions can assess your current infrastructure and recommend options to maximize the capability of your data network.   We specialize in older, historic properties with older infrastructure and limited options.


Capacity within the hotel property is only part of the equation when delivering HSIA.  The bandwidth to the property is also critical in delivering a great guest experience.  Bandwidth is required for guest services, back of house networks, and conference areas as well.  Depending on the size of the property, guest profiles, and level of service, your may have different bandwidth requirements.  With over 65 different carriers available, C3 Integrated Solutions will deliver the best rates for your bandwidth services regardless of the capacity required.

Advanced Applications

Hotels that only use their network for guest internet access are missing the opportunity to drive additional value through enhanced services.¬† These services increase productivity by converging back office systems to a single network.¬† With the right network in place, you can¬†leverage¬†your networks to drive more productivity and enhance your guest’s experience in the following ways.security camera

Back Office Productivity

  • Housekeeping
  • In-house radios
  • Environmental Controls
  • Surveillance

Enhanced Guest Experience

  • Mini Bar
  • High Capacity Internet Access
  • Door cameras
  • Video on Demand
  • Touchscreen Displays

 C3 Integrated Solutions can develop an HSIA upgrade plan that will consider your overall guest services profile and deliver the best possible design for your unique situation.  For more information, or to receive a quote, please contact us.