womanfrontdeskVoice service is the most basic communication service.  Every guest and employee needs to be in contact, both within the property and with the outside world.  However, advances in cellular services have also led to reduced usage and lower returns on investment for voice services within the hotel.  Voice services can still be a positive influence on the bottom line through improved productivity, and cost optimization strategies.

C3 Integrated Solutions offers the equipment and the services required to deliver voice services to your guests. 


Voice systems today are required to do more than just connect a phone call.  Today’s PBX’s deliver with advanced communications that enhance the guest experience and improve customer service, all while reducing costs.  C3 Integrated Solutions offers a portfolio of PBX vendors that cover the full range of hotels, including ShoreTel, MiTel, and Alcatel Lucent. We also are deeply involved in the development of hosted solutions that offer new opportunities to aggregate multiple locations in a centralized and cost effective solution.


Local, long distance, international, and toll free services are all cost drivers for a hotel operator.  As an operator, you need to minimize costs in the voice services while maintaining the quality of service that your guests expect. 

With over 65 different carriers available as an option, C3 Integrated Solutions can offer the best rates for voice services. Further, we can also propose integrated circuits that allow any excess capacity on voice services to be used to support the internet needs of your guests.  This increases the efficiency of the services that your paying for and delivers a better overall guest experience.

To learn more about how C3 Integrated Solutions can improve your productivity and lower costs, please contact us.