Aged Infrastructure

hotel facadeWhile new hotels are outfitting their properties with advanced networks run over CAT-5 cables, older properties have historically been left with costly upgrades to their outdated, or aged infrastructure.  This is no longer the case as new solutions delivered over existing twisted pair or coaxial cable systems have been introduced that deliver more than enough capacity for today’s needs. 

These systems deliver both wired and wireless access over multiple ports at a bandwidth that can handle even the most robust applications.  Guest HSIA, back office networks and even IPTV services can now be operated off the same network with a class of service that ensure priority is given to the most critical data. 

C3 Integrated Solutions is a leader in deploying advanced networks in older properties and driving the most out of your current infrastructure.  To learn more about how C3 Integrated Solutions can help you get the most out of your current infrastructure, please contact us