Convergence has come to the Hospitality Industry.  All segments of the industry are moving forward with new solutions that integrate services to provide the best customer experience possible.  Leading hotels are consolidating voice, video and data services to deliver cutting edge services to their guest.  These premier properties are not just simulating the experience at home, they are giving customers a preview of the future of entertainment today.

HotelSignfinalC3 Integrated Solutions is a leading integrator of telecommunications and entertainment services for the hospitality industry.  Our experience and industry leading partners work together to deliver you solutions that provide the ultimate guest experience within your management team’s budget.  We offer the following services to the hospitality industry:

For management groups that need to juggle the demands of individual properties, multiple brand standards, and still hit budget targets, C3 Integrated Solutions Life Cycle Management service can optimize your network and manage it in a cost effective manner. 

Historic properties offer a unique challenge for the hotel operator.  Older infrastructure typically has led to limited and expensive options with respect to delivering the guest technology at levels comparable to the rest of your property.  C3 Integrated Solutions in leading the way to change this situation with innovative solutions that maximize your current infrastructure to deliver level of service that the rest of your historic property currently delivers.  Together, with our featured partner, Alcatel Lucent we will enable you to deliver a guest experience that is worthy of the of the status and reputaiton of your propoerty.