studentsNo one uses technology like students.  Always and earlier adopter of the next game, gadget, or service, students are among the most voracious users of bandwidth and network services. 

 As an IT Director, you know that students continually push the limit in demanding more and more from your network.  With the explosive growth in wireless devices, this also means delivering high capacity without a hard-wired network.  Additionally, as video services advance, your students are bringing beautiful flat screen televisions to their dorms only to find outdated standard definition programming.  In order to compete for today’s student, you need to be able to satisfy all of these needs as well as anticipate the next big thing. 

 We work with universities to deploy the student-facing technologies they demand including voice, video and data services, integrated into a single solution and delivered over both wired and wireless infrastructures.  Our unique mix of capabilities will enable these next generation capabilities within your budget parameters.  Leveraging our experience in deploying cutting edge solutions to historic hotels, we can deploy these capabilities without complete overhauls of your existing cable infrastructure.