Data Centers

Virtualization is moving more and more applications into the cloud.  As this market grows in importance, leading edge hosted providers recognize that the only way to offer a strong SLA to their clients, is if they control the connection.  By offering private line connections to their customers network, they can control the quality of the connection, and increase security for their customers.

As a hosted solutions provider, you know that your service is only as good as the customer’s ability to connect to you.  If a customer has intermittent or insufficient access to your applications, it will result in a poor customer experience.

 C3 Integrated Solutions will connect you to your customers.  For hosted applications that rely on access through the internet, this means a robust, redundant and cost effective internet connection. 

 For cloud computing companies, your probably recognize that as more of your customer’s network moves to the cloud, the more critical the connection becomes.  To meet your service levels, you also know that access through the public cloud is not enough, you need a private line connection.  To meet this need, C3 Integrated Solutions partners with you companies to act as the Service Provider Coordinator for their networks.  In this function, we partner with you to assess and develop a connectivity solution for your overall proposal.  In this role, we use our knowledge of the carrier industry to develop the right options for primary, and if necessary secondary connectivity for your customer. 

As you gain more and more customers, you will also develop more and more network services to manage.  C3 Integrated Solutions Life Cycle Management service will manage the administrative side of your network for you, and allow you to focus on the hosted solutions that are your core competency.

To larn more about how C3 Integrated Solutions can help you get the most out of your data center, please contact us.