Service Provider Coordination

fiber networkIf telecommunication services are a component to your overall solution, then you know that just like any other cost center, these services can either differentiate you or cost your business. This also means that you have a regular and ongoing request to price and order telecommunications services based on sales driven activity. However, you don’t have the resources or desire to become an expert in the hundreds of carriers, their niche in the market, or their individual strengths and weaknesses.

To meet this need, C3 Integrated Solutions offers our Service Provider Coordinator service. As your Service Provider Coordinator, we will manage both the strategic as well as the tactical aspects of your network. Tactically, we use our market leading knowledge of the carrier market to respond to your sales driven data and internet requests by researching the available carriers, soliciting proposals and providing you with multiple options to serve your customer.

Strategically, we will always keep in mind your portfolio of services and look for ways to consolidate your services to achieve the best position for your company. This may mean aggregating services in a way that allows you to get the most buying power. Or, it may mean intentionally utilizing multiple carriers to achieve some level of redundancy in the network. Our Service Provider Coordinator service is a natural complement to our Life Cycle Management service which will manage each circuit as it is implemented.

To learn more about how C3 Itnegrated Solutions can manage you service requests, please contact us.