Strategic Consulting

With today’s budgetary environment, the myriad of technology options, and the crowd of vendors pitching their particular product, you need a guiding hand through the process.  C3 Integrated Solutions Consulting Services will help you develop and implement the right solution for your business.  In general, our consulting services align to following project categories:

Within each category, we focus on a primary objective for the project and develop a plan to achieve the goals that you outline.  Our approach starts with a current system analysis to fully understand your situation, as well as your goals.  By looking at both your short and long term vision, we can assist in developing a solution that is the right fit for our your specific needs.  Our process includes the following steps:

What Is Yout Core Business?

The core business drives the network requirements.  Before looking at the physical network, we look at the business it supports.  We consider your core business, the size and role within your market segment.  Are you a market leader, or low cost provider?  What is your network used for?  Is the network a core part of  your business, such as with a data center, or is it a complementary function such as in hospitality?

What Is Driving the Project?

The state of the business will drive your goals.  Is there a “change event” such as a merger, or consolidation that is driving the need to review your services?  Has a portion of your network reached end-of-life?  Is there a major initiative or personnel change that is driving a new philosophy?  Is there a budget goal that must be met?

What Are The Technology Goals?

With an understanding of your business, we can now look at the network.  Within this step, we look at the technical requirements that you are looking to achieve.  Are there specific applications or services that you need to be competitive in your business?  Is there a road map to either converge network elements or upgrade technology?  How does business continuity or virtualization play in the overall strategy? 

Develop The Network Design

Building upon the knowledge of the business and the technology goals, we can apply this information to the services and solutions we recommend.  Based on your business, and the goals of the project, we can now look at how services such as voice, IP, video, collocation, business continuity all factor into the scope of the project.  Once we have this understanding, we are in a position to recommend solutions and services.

For example, as the applications are defined, the bandwidth requirements and quality of service needs become apparent which then allows us to look at the options for connectivity. How much bandwidth is required?  What are the diversity requirements? And most importantly, what carriers that are available to deliver on these requirements? 

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